We are not the product of our environment - The environment is the product of human action.
Benjamin Disraeli



  • Rehart GmbH was founded in 1983
  • The RehartGroup is based in 5 locations
  • The company has 230 highly qualified employees

The Group's export share is 35%
Europe / India / Australia / Morocco / USA / North Africa / Japan / Russia

Business divisions within the group

40 % ceramics industry
25 % hydropower
15 % sewage treatment plants, water lifting technology
20 % biogas plants, green waste

The region of Hesselberg around Ehingen, which has been inhabited for 10,000 years

At home among world market leaders

Companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Adidas are all based in the middle of the industrial triangle formed by the cities of Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich. The headquarters of the RehartGroup is also located almost exactly in the centre of this triangle.  
This is where Rehart GmbH has its production facilities, where hydropower screws are made, where the group's design and development departments are based. In 2012, Rehart started building an additional production hall, a symbol for hydropower and a 1,200-square meter extension to the current production capacity.
Rehart-Power is thus ideally equipped to manufacture further plants for customers both at home and abroad and strengthen the company's good position in the European and international markets.

Contact with science and research
The location scores additional points when it comes to the necessary scientific infrastructure. The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science with its water technology degree programme is only a half hour away. A host of other universities and research institutions is also located within a radius of 100 km. A wide range of contacts and knowledge transfer open up new opportunities on both sides.

Other group locations
The group has another production plant in Samara, one of the strongest industrial regions in Russia. Parts for high-quality protection against wear are manufactured in the production plant in Romania. In North Rhine-Westphalia, a subsidiary manufactures complete machines and plants for the coarse and fine ceramic industries. 

At home in a healthy region
The company headquarters in Ehingen are surrounded by untouched nature, although the area has been inhabited for more than 10,000 years. The value of this healthy working environment is deeply anchored in our activities. For us, it is an important source of inspiration for further research and development and an incentive to focus on quality-oriented production.

  • Hydropower screw SH, Untermünkheim - Germany
  • Hydropower screw CS, Stimpfach - Germany
  • Hydropower screw CR, Bischofsmais - Germany