A person with a new idea
is a crank
until the idea succeeds.
Mark Twain


  • German utility models
  • EU patents and patent applications
  • JobStar, Workplace Oscar of the Nuremberg Region
  • Innovation Award of the State of Lower Saxony
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Certified specialist welding company DIN EN 1090-1/-2

Who invented it?

Rehart GmbH, the parent company of Rehart Power, is increasingly in the position to reply:
Rehart invented it.
Today, we are known for many innovations, protect our new ideas and submit applications for patents and utility models. And this despite the high costs and advance payment this entails for a medium-sized company.
Rehart Power also has property rights for various components. This is another way in which we differ from the standard solutions on the market; and another factor which impressively underlines the innovative strength of the company.
Excerpt from the
EU patents and utility models (DGM)

Automatically adjustable immersion depths
Efficiency of the hydropower screw can be improved by the variable immersion depths of its tail- and headwaters.
EP2278156B1 - European Patent -

Compact type (CS) with integrated switchgear
Equipment can be installed by the customer without the assistance of a Rehart service technician.
DE202009009598U1 - DGM -

Noise reduction by means of reduced outlet
Tailwater noise emissions reduced by 50%.
DE202010017800U1 - DGM -

Improvement in overall efficiency
Generator and screw are connected to each other without a gearbox.
DE202009009968U1 - DGM -

Steel trough screw (SH) with integrated lower screw bearing
Screw being mounted at the bottom of the trough makes on-site assembly simpler and safer.
DE202010017803U1 - DGM -

Tailwater outlet bin
Concrete work not required.
DE202010013060U1 - DGM -

Automatic flushing of inlet grate
Laborious and possibly manual removal of debris no longer required.
DE202012104108U1 - DGM -

Innovative solution for upstream and downstream fish migration
Combination of fish migration screw and hydropower screw allows fish access on both sides of the weirs and eliminates water loss usually associated with conventional fish passes.
DE202012104612U1 - DGM
EP2735728A1 - European Patent pending (published) -
EP2735728B1 - European Patent -

We are also proud of the fact that besides our patents and intellectual property rights, we have also been awarded an innovation prize by the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Climate and Environmental Protection. This was received for our EU patent for hydropower screws with automatically adjustable height adjustment. This also delighted the operating company in Hann. Münden, as this innovation produces 18% more energy per year.

The backbone of our reputation is quality, which we control by means of well-regulated procedures and sophisticated production processes. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2009. Our customers can be sure they will receive the quality they expect.

Case studies

  • Hydropower screw CS, Hann. Münden - Germany
  • Hydropower screw BS, Baiersdorf - Germany
  • Hydropower screw CS, Fröndenberg - Germany