Assembly process - BS series

Final review of the structure and the preparatory work for the assembly
Delivery of the hydropower screw on the HGV
The crane is set up and moved into position
Unloading the lorry
Attaching the screw in the assembly position and lifting it into the structure
Positioning, aligning, and drilling out the screw and attachments
Positioning, aligning, and drilling out the screw and attachments
Assembling the shut-off slide valve and grate and casting the shut-off slide valve
Finished system in operation since 2009

Example of an installed hydropower screw BS

Complete installation by the company's assembly team
Assembling these systems requires some experience. It requires more effort than the installation of a CR/CS-system. 

Rehart-Power has its own assembly teams which are normally already familiar with the system from its production. The project manager briefs the teams on the project and provides them with all the information required to ensure a smooth process on-site.

The system can only be commissioned when the casting of the gearbox console, emergency feeder and upper bearing block has hardened. The installation is then connected to the control technology and the system is ready for operation.