Assembly process - CR series

The structure must be prepared in advance
Turnkey production of the hydropower screw
The control cabinet is integrated into the system
On the construction site, the hydropower screw is lifted from the HGV directly into the finished structure
The plant now only needs to be secured in place. Once the electrical connection work is complete, the system is ready for operation.
Assembling the grates and valves
Bischofsmais, Germany: the landscaped system blends harmoniously into the surrounding environment

Example of an installed hydropower screw CR

Assembly in the blink of an eye!
Once the structure has been prepared, assembling the CR/CS series is child's play. In the ideal case, it only takes a day.

The system is pre-assembled at the factory and delivered on a turnkey basis. Depending on the system, the control cabinet can also be integrated into the system to ensure it is weather-proof, as in this installation example. 

The reference project in Bischofsmais shows how the hydropower screw can be landscaped, making it hardly visible and well integrated into the environment.