Assembly process - SH series

The prepared structure
Unloading the screw
Carefully lifting the screw
Aligning the gearbox
Casting and constructing the building
Insider the power house with the control equipment for the entire system
Hausen in the Black Forest, Germany: the system has been in operation since 2012

Example of an installed hydropower screw SH

No room for any screw ups!
Two steel hydropower screws weighing 36 tonnes each were heaved into Ehingen by Rehart on two special low-loaders. In the weeks prior to this, the haulage contractor had carefully reconnoitred the route to Hausen in the Black Forest and organised all the approvals. After the vehicles had been loaded, they made their way along the motorway with a police escort to the construction site in Hausen.

The crane had already been set up on the construction site the day before. Careful handling was required here, too, due to the confined space. Not only the crane, but also the large low-loaders needed enough space to manoeuvre.
Very early in the morning on the day after transportation, the screws, together with the troughs, were lifted into the concrete foundations. That was also quite tricky, because the screws had to be positioned to the nearest centimetre at an angle of 22 degrees.

Thanks to the good teamwork and clear arrangements between experienced professionals, the transport and lifting process ran like clockwork.

Then it was the turn of the Rehart-Power assembly team, who got the system up and running.