• Type M
  • Type XL

Maximum control module

The maximum control module is a Siemens PLC controller. It has all the same options as the medium module, including open communication interfaces and an integrated web server. Its main feature is the upper performance range industrial standard with a high processing power. It is the tried-and-tested controller for industrial applications, the programming systems of which are familiar to most PLC engineers. 

In conjunction with the Type XL panel, this controller leaves nothing to be desired and meets the highest requirements. It is therefore the right choice for tech-savvy experts.

Key features of the maximum module

  • The Siemens PLC controller for industrial applications has been proving itself for almost two decades
  • The modular control system is freely expandable
    It allows the hydropower screw to be integrated into industrial control room systems (for example, the EBS Wien sewage treatment works in Vienna with control room connection)
  • Real-time transfer of all values
    Alerts and fault messages are passed from the system to the control room in milliseconds
  • The system can be switched on and off remotely
  • Communication with existing systems