• Output in kW
  • Daily energy feed-in in kWh
  • Total energy feed-in in mWh
  • CO2 saving
  • Statuses of the hydraulic valves
  • System status
  • Error messages including date and time
  • Gearbox oil change maintenance intervals
  • Temperature display for
    gearbox, control cabinet, hydraulic oil, drive technology
  • Evaluation of voltage and frequency of the electricity grid
  • System parameters controlled via touch panel
  • Warnings and interference thresholds displayed; no reaction triggers a shut down command
  • Automatic system restart after a power failure

The system controller - an important component for economic efficiency

Generating electricity economically not only requires the hydropower screw itself, but a suitable controller, too. It controls the operation, allows permanent monitoring without the need for personnel and ensures that all maintenance intervals are identified. Faults are reported immediately.

High quality control components
This is why we only use high quality components from well-known international manufacturers. This assures our customers of the highest industry standards and guarantees a rapid service response worldwide.

Keeping an overview
Not only are we well acquainted with the workings of the hydropower screw, we also know our stuff when it comes to the controller. Our experts are therefore often able to help answer customer queries on the phone. We can both see and access the panel on a case-by-case basis depending on customer preference and the respective series.

This, of course, means a high level of convenience in day-to-day operation and even covers remote control and configuration via the browser, PC, smartphone or tablet. This provides our customers and our engineers with a direct overview of the system status. In real-time and fully automatically.

Case studies

  • Standard control module, Bischofsmais - Germany
  • Medium control module, Stimpfach - Germany
  • Maximum control module, Hausen - Germany