Depending on the series, there are three types of panel to choose from.

Small-scale plants <20 kW are always equipped with the basic panel. If medium and maximum controllers are used, we install panels of type M and type XL.

Type S panel

  • 4" diagonal, 256 colours
  • No data storage on panel
  • Displays the following:
    All relevant values
    Error messages
    Target and actual water levels for speed-controlled screws and screw control valve systems


Type M panel  

  • Large, clear touch screen
  • 6 or 10-inch diagonal, 256 colours
  • No data storage on panel
  • Simple, clear operation
  • Several plants can be controlled via the one panel


Type XL panel

  • True colour panel with Windows CE system
  • 8-, 10- or 15-inch diagonal
  • Various values logged in the panel on the SD card (CVS file containing water level, temperature and output)
  • Remote access via network, Internet access via PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Panel can also be operated and displayed remotely (PC, etc.) as usual
  • Emails of error messages sent to smartphone
  • One panel is capable of controlling several systems