• Inflow optimisation
  • Outlet bin
  • Outlet reduction
  • Screw enclosed by a grille
BS: hybrid system

Hydropower screw BS

The hybrid system is a combination of the compact system and SH type.

This series consists of a self-supporting trough like that of the compact variants. However, the upper bearings and output unit require an additional foundation for assembly similar to that of the SH variant.

The bottom of the trough can be positioned on a strip foundation and the top on the foundation of the inlet channel. An additional bottom plate and the enclosure are required for the upper bearing and the output unit. This system is used if the dimensions are too large for the compact system. A stable enclosure is recommended as protection against vandalism or if additional storage space is required. It also acts as a secure space for the control cabinets and convenient access to the output unit. This provides a secure machine house but saves the time and effort required for casting the trough.

Type FAS - fish migration screwOther model series

Case studies

  • Hydropower screw BS, Baiersdorf - Germany
  • Hydropower screw BS, Vadodara - India
  • Hydropower screw BS, Gennkikungou - Japan