• Inflow optimisation
  • Integrated gate
  • Valve located underneath
  • Integrated coarse grate
  • Outlet bin
  • Outlet reduction
  • Cover (weather protection for output unit)
  • Screw enclosed by grille
  • Integrated switchgear
Hydropower screw CR - totally enclosed compact type

Hydropower screw CR

Compact unit with the option of integrating all the components and to completely pre-assemble in the plant. The size is limited a maximum diameter of 2 m which means a maximum flow of approximately
1.7 m³/s. 

The CR series requires minimal hydrological engineering. It only needs a strip foundation underneath for positioning and a foundation above with an inlet channel. The machine can then be raised in one piece and secured in place. Ideally, the assembly process takes only a day.

The trough, screw and output unit form a single unit. The gearbox and generator are integrated in the frame on the trough. The trough takes the form of a tube. The machine can therefore be covered with soil and landscaped. This results in minimal intrusion in the landscape.

Case studies

  • Hydropower screw CR, Bischofsmais - Germany
  • Hydropower screw CR, Haddo - Ireland
  • Hydropower screw CS, Fröndenberg - Germany