• Low wear and long service life
  • High efficiency, therefore very economical
  • Reliable, not susceptible to faults, low-maintenance
  • Also works with liquids containing solids
  • No grate system required
  • Feed volume adjusts automatically
Water lifting screw

Water lifting screw

The enhanced Archimedian principle is also used for the water lifting screw. It is also capable of transporting particularly large quantities of liquid or liquid-solid material up to a specified level.

Water lifting screws are increasingly being used as part of flood protection schemes and have more than proven themselves in recent times. The water lifting screw is also a real workhorse in many process steps in industry and the waste management sector.

Example of a sewage treatment works
When the waste water and all its contents flow into the waste water treatment plant, it is the water lifting screw which comes into play first, lifting the liquid and any particles it contains (coarse material, oils and fats, sand and mud) upwards. From this level, the sewage passes through the mechanical, biological and chemical purification steps.

Lifting screws are also used to provide a uniform feed in the downstream waste water treatment processes. Their particular advantage is that the feed volume corrects itself automatically.

Areas of application in water management

  • Dewatering of polders
  • Irrigation of land

Areas of application in waste water management

  • Rain water/flooding
  • Municipal waste water
  • Return sludge

Areas of application in industry

  • Refineries
  • Industrial waste water