• Outlet reduction for noise reduction
Hydropower screw SH - steel trough for casting

Hydropower screw SH

This is the classic hydropower screw design. It has proven itself a hundred times over in this construction, even as a lifting screw in the waste water treatment sector.

Compared to our other series, the amount mechanical engineering involved is low, which alternatively requires a greater amount of civil engineering. The screw is installed once a concrete bed for the trough and a full concrete foundation for the upper bearings have been constructed. The trough and gearbox bearings are cast in concrete once the screw has been installed. The required enclosure is then built over the output unit.

The lower bearing system does not have to be connected directly to the structure, but is mounted on the trough. This reduces the time and effort needed during assembly and allows the optimum adjustment of the clearance between the screw and the trough. All the engine parts are robust and cast in steel with a corrosion-resistant coating which also is suitable for use in the waste water sector.

This system is particularly recommended if noise insulation is an important factor.


  • As a hydropower screw
  • As a lifting screw in sewage treatment works
  • For flood protection
  • For drainage 

Case studies

  • Hydropower screw SH, Munich - Germany
  • Hydropower screw SH, Hausen - Germany
  • Hydropower screw SH, Herrenhof - Germany