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MAINTENACE PACKAGE - just some of the many options available

  • Oil filter change intervals are displayed in time
  • Information on the type and quantity of oil to be used is provided
  • Oil change reset using validation code and password
  • Break pad wear is monitored
  • Recommended replacement intervals are given
  • Notification provided of the generator maintenance which must be acknowledged on the controller
  • Warning given to replace the upper bearing re-lubrication device when required
  • Monitoring of all temperatures
  • Warning and error messages sent to the customer

Maintenance package

Rehart-Power defines maintenance as sparing the customer avoidable emergency situations.
In order to best equip you for this, we offer system-specific packages. We have developed these with our partners exclusively for Rehart-Power. We recommend them to our customers as a total solution.

These modules allow you to see at a glance how your system is working and which different operation modes are critical for its operation. This is important for trouble-free energy generation and a high level of efficiency.

Rehart maintenance package
By being linked to the respective controllers, you can call up different maintenance statuses. You can therefore be sure that the correct maintenance interval is not missed.