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Service package - just some of the many options available

  • Monitoring of
    Feed-in direction
    All circuit breakers and motor protection switches
    Grease level and grease pump
    Maintenance intervals
  • Restart after power failure
  • Logging of error and warning messages in the control system

Service package

Rehart service package
This provides you with a continuous overview of whether the system is operating within its normal range. It allows you to identify critical states in time and take the predetermined measures. The service package also helps to reduce downtime and thus keep inconvenience to a minimum.

The service partner in the background
You can identify for yourself 24x7 where rapid interventions are necessary, where you yourself can intervene, and where it is more appropriate to contact the service team. This can be done on-site, but also to a considerable extent via the remote control facility if the control conditions have been commissioned to allow this. On the other end of the phone you will usually find the engineer who installed and commissioned your system and who is therefore familiar with it.