One does not have to be rich,
but independent.
Andre Kostolany



We deliver

  • technology from a single source and
  • from own production facilities
  • service by experienced specialists

The system works

  • economically
  • at minimum operating costs
  • all year round, even in ice and snow

The hydropower screw is

  • quickly assembled, without major construction work
  • durable and 100% recyclable
  • quiet for surrounding inhabitants
  • environmentally and fish friendly

    Blessed is the man that does not have to buy the power for his operation!

    Anyone in the fortunate position of being able to utilise a river for their own use, can produce cost-effectively or significantly reduce their living and running costs. A hydropower plant is built to last decades, is robust and durable, and the operator is therefore aware of its costs long in advance. Security of supply is also very reassuring.

    Hydropower operators are aware of their responsibilities
    Anyone who invests in a hydropower plant usually does so with a vision. Not only in matters of the economy, but also to the same extent in matters of environmental sustainability. Small hydro makes an important contribution to the European-wide decentralisation of energy production without fossil fuels.

    As a manufacturer we also have to take on our share of the responsibility
    As a solid, a medium-sized company we deliver quality. Through our own work and the work of our partners and their components. All installed parts are, without exception, of robust production and meet the highest German industry standard. Our customers can therefore rely on a long-lasting system.

    Hydropower plant operators are realists
    Generally speaking, no form of energy production, is capable without some intervention in nature. The best any of us can do is to choose between large and small forms of intervention. In any case, small hydro is among some of the most environmentally friendly technologies.

    To be sure
    In addition to being cost-effective, investing in hydropower and using the electricity generated also scores points in terms of security and ecology. Hydropower is a logical and rational alternative to fossil fuels.

    Case studies

    • Hydropower screw SH, "Englischer Garten" public park, Munich - Germany
    • Hydropower screw CR, Haddo - Ireland
    • Hydropower screw BS, Vienna - Austria